Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Journey

Ha ha's a great world...a lot of puzzle actually ...what am i creating ? am i punishing my self? am i to ego and selfish towards other people? or am i pretending? or am i righteous? ...I'm starting hitting my self with the hammer.
Firstly, what am i creating is started from wanting to settle down , to have a loving ,passionate relationship...but it just happen the opposite way! it's not easy to get people need one's being...what am i creating is the pation . at times i was lost of track due to be emotional. Then i got to shift(being) again and again, so sometimes it may confuse that person...(it's like changing personality)... i admit the bitter going through with the trust with each other since at certain level of relationship or in another words so call "duration". Well everyone have their own story to tell...but basically the risk i got to take and the circumstances also by being out of the box, streching rubber ban, it does take time to improve back. What i concern is the result from what i want! "A trusting, Loving, Passionate Relationship".

What's Next?....huh! it take's a lot of courage and don't give up attitude...i don't really plan on what's next...most important is to enjoy the experience...But there are action plan...

My self...being a controller frig sometime just need to be humble as he is also "God Creation".Just got to move on and got to give a lot acknowledgment to all people who deserve it...even to enemy...
"sometimes by saying hey, xxx you look sweet or good looking with these clothes today"...It does make a different.
 Perhaps we did not give a damn to the pantry lady who makes coffee for us everyday...why do you try and experience this, one day, make a coffee for her and all the colleague  then? will there any different?
Ego? that's what we are talking about..
"Being uncomfortable is being out of the box"  

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Anyway,what has happen God knew about it...God know the future...I cannot predict the future zone...who knows what's next....I'm not perfect"
Allah s.w.t/God create Adam & eve's so he know's everything. He is the creator.Have faith in Allah s.w.t/God believing him is enough for me

Rain,Sunshine and Rainbow

"I do have feelings because in human we cannot deny it, i do my best to be honest to my self to other people"


my story

"If You could feel him"
I doesn't matter what religion you are because it is your choice.....
Most important for me is asking for forgiveness from Allah s.w.t"what have i done !"
ANGER, HATRED , EGO, BEING SELFISH, e.t.c. i want to change...but it's not easy...I'll do my best to raise the bar...I need to pray and I'm praying asking for forgiveness, I wouldn't know if i will wake up next morning having a nice cup of "nescafe"...Asking for forgiveness from Allah s.w.t by praying is only what i can vow to The Almighty giving respect and recite the  Holy quran and understanding it is not easy.But it lead me to be better path and guide me to understand what is my responsibility living on this earth he has created..instead we sometimes behave and act like an animal...
  Allah s.w.t. blessing is what i only want...that is what I'm searching for, to have Rainbows in the world and ever after.Then I ask Allah s.w.t to bless the people surround me who have help me.It always start with reciting "Alfatihah" to the owner of the surah and for prophet Muhammad s.a.w family and friends then, to our parents, to guru (if you have a guru),and lastly to your soul and your self . Then you may continue for your other doa/wish...
This is call Adab / Respect - The step.  As for me, without it it's like incomplete.
In Islam we have a lot of ADAB / RESPECT - "it's only that...It's not hard."